Hot Off the Press Printmaking Studio

Hot Off the Press Printmaking Studio

Hot Off the Press is a membership organization for experienced printmakers who want to rent studio space, share equipment, and community. We support each other in our creative growth and printmaking skills. Our studio is located in rural Sebastopol (Sonoma County, California), in a beautiful redwood grove. The insulated barn has big doors to open on nice days and a peaceful environment for your creative process. You are not guaranteed private time, but there are few of us right now and we mostly have our own time slots, with some overlapping of shifts and sharing of results and ideas.

Studio Equipmentstudio work tops and storage

Our facilities include about 700 square feet of space, with lots of working surfaces, and most of the equipment you will need for intaglio or relief printmaking. The artist provides their own color inks, paper, plates, and tarlatan.

  • A Sturges CP5 star wheel Press, 28” x 48” bed
  • Ettan Press, 20” x 36” bed
  • Nitric for etching zinc
  • Ferric Chloride vertical tank for etching copper
  • Aquatint box
  • Glass topped inking tables
  • Black ink, ink modifiers, ink knives
  • Light table
  • Hot Plate
  • Paper soaking sink
  • Drying rack and blotter system
  • 16” two-handed roller, many small brayers
  • Mat Cutter
  • Solar exposure box, vacuum frame
  • Flat storage for 22” x 30” paper

Hot Off the Press Studio Membership

Membership is open to experienced printmakers who can demonstrate adequate knowledge of studio techniques and safety and can work unsupervised. Minimum three-month commitment. A portfolio review will be included in the initial meeting. The purpose of the portfolio review is to demonstrate the artist’s familiarity with their medium, and direction for the future. Each member is given keys and can access the studio 24/7. New members will have an orientation to be shown how to set up presses and other procedures.

studio open doorFees are:

$75 year membership
$25 one time deposit
$200 month for Full-time access (3 mo. commitment)
$225 Part-Times 3 times (expires in 3 months)

The Studio address is 11214 Occidental Rd. (at Cherry Ridge), Sebastopol, CA.
Visitors welcome by appointment or watch for open studio events in June and October. The studio is run by Caren Catterall who has a BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts and worked as the printmaking lab technician at Santa Rosa Junior College for 30 years. For membership or class information contact Caren Catterall

Original Fine Art, Limited Edition Etchings

Contact Caren Catterall for membership options.
You deserve a creative space to make beauty and inspiration in your life!