Forest Royalty

Inspired by the Mystery

When I consider what kind of stories I want to tell I think about what we need to hear. We need the impossible and the magical to give us hope and wonder.

The Mythic stories are drawn from the well of human experience, with archetypes that we can recognize.

The Mystery is the wonder that inspires us to think larger than ourselves or to make connections in the patterns of the world.

Magic is about the ideas within me that I can manifest and bring into being through my art.

May you feel the spirit coming through as you enjoy wandering through my world of mythic tales, mystery, and magic.


Art at the Source 2023

June 3, 4 and 10, 11
Map Number 87 at 11214 Occidental Rd., Sebastopol, Hours 10-5

I will be welcoming visitors during open studios again in June, my 15th year in the program. Come and learn about all the steps involved in creating an original, limited edition print from an etched copper plate. If you are lucky you will catch a printing demonstration at noon and get to turn the press. Studio visits arranged by appointment.

Madonna by Caren Catterall, printmaker

Original Fine Art, Limited Edition Etchings

Contact Caren Catterall to purchase one of these collectible fine art works on paper.
You deserve to have beauty and inspiration in your life!