Forest RoyaltyInspired by the Mystery

Welcome to my world of mythic tales, mystery, and magic.

The Mythic stories are drawn from the well of human experience, with archetypes that we can recognize.

The Mystery is the unanswerable that inspires us to think larger than ourselves or to make connections in the patterns of the world.

Magic is about the ideas within me that I can manifest through my art.

Please select a gallery theme and wander through my world.

Original, Limited Edition, Fine Art Etchings

I am a Sonoma County artist who creates copper plate etchings, known as intaglio prints. Each image has a limited number of prints, usually a small edition of around 35. Each one is inked, hand wiped, and printed on cotton rag paper. There is no mechanical reproduction here, and the skill of the artist is always evident in the creation of each original, limited edition print. Printmaking has many different kinds of “voices” to choose from, and each type of printmaking has a different look to it. Learn more about printmaking here. 


Virtual Studio Visits for 2020

This year we are showing our work in virtual venues, to give you beauty in the midst of trying times. In some ways, there are advantages, as both artists and art lovers can see more artists and expand their range.
Happily, I just spent some time updating my website as this seems to be the evolution of selling art. I feel like my work represents itself very clearly, with larger images in a slide show. For me, there is the advantage of being able to put out work that I don’t always have room for in my bins, and to arrange them by themes, like telling a story. It is also a chance for each piece to be contemplated on their own, without the whole wall or deep bins to distract you.

If you want to see the work private visits may be arranged by appointment, with appropriate social distancing (I do have those big ole barn doors that make it practically outside), if conditions are appropriate. Please enjoy the other artists in these events, as well, and thank you for your support.

SebArts Virtual Open Studio

September 1 – 30
My page in the SAVOS catalog

This is the combination between Art at the Source and Sonoma County Art Trails. The geographical area is still Sonoma County, but the virtual format has given 140 artists the opportunity to participate. Each artist has a profile page, and then 6 more pieces for sale. There will be video demonstrations and artist chats.

San Francisco Open Studios

September 16 to October 14
My page in ArtSpan directory

250 artists to inspire you, not bound by weekends, neighborhoods, or geography– this year they are including the North Bay. The virtual event continues through the month, with “artful discussions curated by Bay Area luminaries, large fair-like presentations with the option to speak with artists privately, and celebratory receptions and mixers featuring a variety of artists across multiple disciplines.”  Visit ArtSpan on Instagram
ArtLaunch, the SF(O)S Opening Celebration, Thursday, September 24 from 6:30 – 8PM
Northbay/Sonoma County Art Trails TEAL Event:  Saturday, October 3 from 10AM – 2PM . Register for this free event

Original Fine Art, Limited Edition Etchings
Collectible Art Works on Paper

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