Forest Royalty

Inspired by the Mystery

When I consider what kind of stories I want to tell I think about what we need to hear. We need the impossible and the magical to give us hope and wonder.

The Mythic stories are drawn from the well of human experience, with archetypes that we can recognize.

The Mystery is the wonder that inspires us to think larger than ourselves or to make connections in the patterns of the world.

Magic is about the ideas within me that I can manifest and bring into being through my art.

May you feel enchanted as you wander through my world of mythic tales, mystery, and magic.


Studio Proof Sale January 20

At my studio 11214 Occidental Rd, 12-5 on Saturday January 20

The print sale you have been waiting for! Come paw through my excessive piles for some good deals. Black and white state proofs for $20, up to slightly off edition quality for $150. You will see work that has been hiding in my closet and doesn’t come out often, and framed work for half price that I am ready to let go. Featuring the release of the last of an edition “Raven Gathers with Friends”, the monoprint series featured in the ARC Gallery show.

ARC Gallery San Francisco

Open now, Closing reception Feb 17, 12-3
1246 Folsom St. San Francisco 1-6 Wed, Thur. 12- 3 Sat.

In cooperation with California Society of Printmakers, this is a show about monoprint, an impression with a repeating template, stencil, or stamp, that can be loaded with infinite variation. A monoprint series from a static matrix has a repeating, and yet always morphing theme. You will see two variations from each artist in the digital catalog, and more online at

Raven Gathers with Friends
Raven Gathers with Friends 20
Raven Gathers with Friends
Raven Gathers with Friends 25

Original Fine Art, Limited Edition Etchings

Contact Caren Catterall to purchase one of these collectible fine art works on paper.
You deserve to have beauty and inspiration in your life!