“The important
thing is to work in a state of mind that approaches prayer

Henri Matisse

Artists Statement

Expressing the Numinous Elements of Life

My creativity feels like a divine gift to me, and I honor the gift by making my art about Spirit. I want to express the numinous quality of life, where the mythic stories, elements of nature and the stones and the places of power come alive and speak to us on a deeper level. I am inspired by the places of ancient ritual and celebration, such as the megalithic, solar aligned temples of Malta, the standing stone circles of Stonehenge, and images of the Divine Feminine in all her guises.

Caren CatterallIn Neolithic times the cave artists were also the shamans, who traveled deep into the earth, not to make decorative art, but to have transformative experiences that involved communication with the spirit world. The act of creation is a sacred act of transformation. When I am making something I am manifesting my world. I contemplate the nature of things seen and unseen-- often floating in a state I call "art trance".

The mystery and uncertainty of things attracts me-- the images of doorways, with an unknown just beyond view; to layer things so that images are obscured and speak to the subconscious; to etch things in with the intent of scraping out; the push and pull of ink on a plate that evokes an image from the barest trace of ink. I am always intrigued by where the journey of the plate takes me. I hope my work will connect with you on deeper intuitive levels so that you can experience the Spirit within the making.


Caren Catterall graduated from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland CA in 1974, with a degree in printmaking. Moving from Oakland to Sonoma County in 1980, for many years after college Caren had no access to a press, and turned to other ways of creativity. She found the etching classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and eventually became the print lab technician, a job she has now held for over twenty years.

In 2002 she got a small press, and rented a large, lovely, light filled studio at the Barracks Studio Santa Rosa. Together the many artists in the building became known as "The Barracks Artists", with a unique history at the old Navy Air Base in Santa Rosa. She started the Studio Print Shop, offering membership to experienced printmakers to share the equipment needed for their craft. In 2005 she added a Sturges CP5 star wheel press, bringing it in the second story back door by forklift.

After many years with her studio at the Barracks, in February 2012 she moved to Sebastopol, on Occidental Road, to a converted barn on some beautiful property amongst the redwood trees. The new space is an improvement in electrical and insulation, and the lovely benefit of "Plein aire" printing when the big barn doors are open to the trees and the chickens.

Watch for the catalogs for Sonoma County open studio tours, Art at the Source in June, and Sonoma County Art Trails in October. Visitors are welcome year round by appointment.

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