“My creativity
feels like a divine gift to me, and I honor the gift by making my art about Spirit.
I want to express the numinous quality of life, where the elements of nature and the stories and the stones and the places of power come alive and speak to us on a deeper level.

Forest Royalty by Caren Catterall

Art at the Source, June 1, 2 and 8, 9, 2019
Studio #46 at 11214 Occidental Road, Sebastopol

The Stories Came AliveMy beautiful studio in the redwoods will be open and welcoming again this year for the first two weekends of June. Studio hours are 10 to 5, and I will explain the printmaking process, and show you how I wipe and print a plate. I'll help you understand the mysterious world of limited edition prints and the many approaches to making an image.

Don't forget to enjoy the preview show at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, where you can see one piece from every participating artist, helping to narrow down your number of stops. I hope you can come visit, but I am available most any time by appointment.

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Artists Statement

Caren Catterall is a printmaker working in the realms of spirit, mystery and myth. Like the shamans of ancient times, her stories are about visions and experiencing connections in the world, and expressing the world of spirit. Archetypes and mythology become part of the narrative that speaks to our deeper selves--or maybe it is our higher selves--our ideals and strivings, our common stories.

Her inspiration comes from

Printmaking techniques

In printmaking there are specific effects that can only be made with the randomness of marks, and the transparency of the ink layers. There are many techniques, from precise hard ground lines, to random lift effects—many things to pull from the bag of tricks.

In the etchings the plate is made in metal that is hand inked, wiped and transferred to paper with the press for each print. It is a painstakingly slow process, with many stages to the development of the plate. There is no mechanical reproduction here, and the hand of the artist is always evident in the creation of each original, limited edition multiple.

Another more contemporary, uncommon, and less toxic way that Catterall works is called a collagraph. The matrix is built out of matt board, cut paper designs, and textured materials. The matt board is sealed in acrylic medium to make it possible to clean up the ink and reuse the matrix. Because of the varied levels and textures, you can print from ink wiped on the lower levels of the plate, or rolled on the higher surfaces.

Exploration in monotype is another medium for her, particularly incorporating an image transfer technique. The ink is applied to a plexiglas plate with rollers, stencils, textured materials, or anything you can imagine for moving or removing the ink. Images can be appropriated from many sources by treating a photocopy to receive ink in the image, and then transfer onto the plate. Monotype is very experimental and wide open to possibilities and surprises. One of the delights of this method uses the “ghosts”, or faint amounts of ink left behind from the first printing, to layer on top of other images. Each print is unique; there is no edition, but there can be progressions and series.

Recently she started exploring the area of encaustic, painting with pigmented, hot wax. You can incorporates print elements, image transfer, and layered effects in much the same way as monotype. This has lead to a series on hexagonal panels honoring the vanishing Bees.

Hot Off the Press studio.

The studio is available for experienced printmakers to join in order to explore your creative path, and find community around our shared passion. Caren also occasionally offers classes in monotype and in the xerox transfer technique. You can join in the adventure of printmaking, with its layers, unexpected happy accidents, ghosts, surprise reversals, and share a sense of community around the press. See Classes for details.